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3 Signs It's Time for Watch Repair or Service February 13, 2018

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3 Signs It's Time for Watch Repair or Service, Rochester, New York

Watches are still among the most versatile and eye-catching accessories you can add to any outfit. Aside from being a fashion statement, they should also be well-maintained to preserve their functionality. To extend the life span of your favorite timepiece, be on the lookout for signs that you may need watch repair or service.

3 Signs You Need Watch Repair or Service

1. Time Issues

The most common sign of a problem in a watch is a timing issue. Whether your second hand is acting up, the hands won’t move at all, or your time won’t stay on track no matter how often you reset it, jewelry repair professionals can assess the issue and develop a solution. The fix could be as simple as installing a new watch battery, or there may be another internal mechanism needing repair.

2. Rattling Noise

watch repair Rochester NYDo you hear a rattling noise (or any unfamiliar sound at all) when you move your watch? It could indicate a loose component, which can lead to further issues down the road. While the intricate components of a watch such as springs and gears can hold up for quite a long time, there are some instances where they may need repair. Dropping your watch or bumping it into something could cause a part to come loose, for example.

3. Moisture Buildup

When moisture is visible beneath your watch face’s surface, it means the seal has become compromised. Over time, the moisture can make its way into the internal structure, potentially damaging gears and springs. A watch repair professional will address the moisture problem and check to see whether any problems have already been caused by the wetness.


Do you need high-quality watch repair services? If so, Bob Colombo, expert jeweler and owner of the Jewelry Clinic in Rochester, NY, can help. For 38 years, Bob has helped locals keep their watches in excellent working order. You can stop by his jewelry store to speak with Bob about your needs or call (585) 232-5920. To learn more about his inventory and services, visit the store online, or see why Rochester residents are satisfied with the store by checking their reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

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