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3 Easy Tips for Year-Round Hot Tub Maintenance February 13, 2018

Eagle-Gypsum, Eagle
3 Easy Tips for Year-Round Hot Tub Maintenance, Eagle-Gypsum, Colorado

A hot tub can provide relaxation and enjoyment year-round. Regular maintenance keeps it operating at its best and provides a safe and sanitary environment for all. Here, leading pool company The Hot Tub Guy in Eagle, CO, shares the top three hot tub maintenance items to maintain a healthy spa.

3 Year-Round Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

1. Let It Breathe

Your hot tub cover keeps debris and foreign objects out of the hot tub. It also protects the hot tub against the harsh weather conditions. Every few days, you should remove the cover and allow it to dry completely to remove excess moisture that could lead to harmful bacteria. Once dry, you should take the opportunity to clean and condition the cover, which will preserve its look and function as oils and dirt are removed.

2. Clean the Filter

Hot tub maintenanceThe filter on your hot tub helps eliminate oils, dirt, and other particles from the water. When it is clogged or dirty, it allows contaminants into your tub. Twice a month, use a hose with a nozzle to loosen the dirt from the filter. You can also soak it in warm water for a few hours. Once a year, replace the filter for the cleanest water.

3. Drain & Clean Thoroughly

The filter can only do so much to keep the water in the hot tub clean. Every three months, you should completely drain the tub. Once drained, clean it to remove excess oil and residue from all surfaces. Allow the hot tub to dry, then refill it with clean water.

Ensuring your hot tub remains safe and enjoyable requires a bit of maintenance. However, following a few simple steps can keep this wonderful amenity ready for regular use. For expert hot tub maintenance repair and installation, turn to The Hot Tub Guy. This company provides quality workmanship, reliable service, and great customer service. Call them at (970) 331-3822. You can also visit them online for more information.

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