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Design Do's & Don'ts for the Waiting Area Seating February 6, 2018

South Fairmont, Cincinnati
Design Do's & Don'ts for the Waiting Area Seating, Cincinnati, Ohio

As customers wait for their appointment, their first impression of your business and office occurs in the waiting room. To put them at ease and ensure their comfort, it’s smart to invest in sturdy, well-maintained furniture, as well as anticipate their needs. To help you in this endeavor, the team at Contract Office Refurbishing LLC, a top upholstery company in Cincinnati, OH, offers a guide to what owners should and shouldn’t do.


Keep Comfort in Mind

Your visitors are more likely to remain patient when they are comfortable. Cheap or ill-fitting seats will only make them more anxious and lead to a negative attitude about your business. Always opt for comfortable upholstery. You’ll be investing in not only your customers’ or patients’ well-being but also your company’s image, as it conveys a commitment to quality and care.

Consider Special Needs

Always consider your customers’ and patients’ requirements when creating a waiting area. This could mean including accessories such as wall plugs, magazines to read, or free water. It also involves caring for those with special needs by investing in wheelchair ramps and extra wide doors.


Try to Save Money

upholsteryYour seating area creates a first impression, and patients and customers tend to spend the bulk of their time there. Don’t skimp on your budget and opt for high-quality furniture and tables. Moreover, don’t neglect their maintenance and have them cleaned regularly.

Leave Them Alone

Never create a waiting room that’s blocked off from a receptionist or attendant. A professional should always be within eyesight to help a patient or customer if needed. Whether they need to ask questions about the service or get directions to the restroom, it should always be easy for them to immediately express and resolve their concerns. Doing so will show they are valued. 

When designing your waiting room, invest in the best upholstery with Contract Office Refurbishing. Their professionals excel at commercial upholstery restoration and can help with everything from furniture to dental chairs and exam tables. For more information about what they do and how they can assist, visit their website. To speak with a friendly representative about your business’ needs, call (513) 481-0111 today.

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