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4 Burning Questions About Land Clearing Answered February 13, 2018

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4 Burning Questions About Land Clearing Answered, Bayfield, Wisconsin

From making way for a new home to adding space for a parking lot, there are plenty of projects where land clearing comes in handy. Although work should be left in professional hands, knowing what to expect will ensure the project is executed safely, efficiently, and to your exact specifications. So you know how to prepare for service, below are answers to four common questions about land clearing.    

4 Popular Questions About Land Clearing Answered 

Does Land Clearing Harm the Environment?

Land clearing causes little to no environmental damage. Mulchers and deck mowers are often used to hammer trees, shrubs, and branches into the earth, resulting in minimal soil disruption. Environmentally conscious technicians recycle the discarded materials instead of burning them onsite, which prevents toxic pollutants from entering the atmosphere.    

What Happens to the Debris?

land-clearingThe debris can be repurposed for the cleared landscape. The wood is often converted to mulch, which can be used as a soil erosion barrier. The material also helps enrich the soil so grass will grow faster. 

What if I Don’t Want to Clear the Entire Area?

If you want to keep specific trees or additional vegetation on the property, see if the company chosen provides selective land clearing. The technicians will keep the plants and their root systems intact, so they continue to flourish in the altered environment. 

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Land Clearing?

It could be more difficult for technicians to work in winter conditions, as snow and ice buildup on tree branches could fall and make the area unsafe. To determine the best time to schedule your project, speak with the land clearing company as soon as possible. They will devise a plan of action to ensure the job can be executed when you need it. 


Whether you need bulldozers and tractors to help with land clearing for home construction, dump trucks for a demolition project, or additional equipment, C & W Trucking in Bayfield, WI, will help. In business for more than 40 years, you can trust the team at this fully insured company to provide equipment and operate it safely to ensure your project is a success. To schedule a service appointment in Bayfield County, call (715) 779­-5628 to speak with a representative.

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