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3 Ways to Endure an MRI Scan If You're Claustrophobic August 5, 2019

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3 Ways to Endure an MRI Scan If You're Claustrophobic, New Windsor, New York

Are you preparing for an MRI scan? This experience can be daunting for many, especially those with claustrophobia. However, there are ways you can prepare for this type of diagnostic imaging without feeling traumatized. Hudson Valley Imaging has been providing CTs, MRIs, and other diagnostic imaging services to their Monroe, NY, clientele since 2003. Below, they share three tips for enduring an MRI scan if you experience claustrophobia.

How to Get Through an MRI Scan When You’re Claustrophobic

1. Ask Your Physician What You Can Expect

It’s helpful to understand exactly what your MRI experience will entail before you go in for the service, so make an appointment with your physician beforehand. Have them walk you through what you will experience on the day of your service. Notify them of your claustrophobia, and ask how you can communicate with them during the scan. For instance, some physicians may prescribe medication to ease anxiety while radiologists may also offer you a tension ball to squeeze during your MRI. Others use an intercom system to ensure their patients are okay.  

2. Seek Other MRI Options

Certain clinics allow open MRIs fordiagnostic imaging their clients who experience claustrophobia. Ask your physician if this will work for the images they need. Additionally, some physicians will allow you to use images from other facilities. If you find a clinic that services patients with claustrophobia, they may offer alternatives to the traditional MRI experience.

3. Practice Deep Breathing or Meditation

Beginning a meditation or deep breathing practice often helps you during an MRI scan. Some patients also opt to listen to music or other calming sounds while undergoing diagnostic imaging. Ask your technician about your options.

If you need an MRI scan, speak with a diagnostic imaging professional at Hudson Valley Imaging. Their caring team will help you alleviate any claustrophobic anxiety. Call them today at (845) 220-2222 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information. 

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