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Top Four Qualities of an Exceptional Summer Camp February 13, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
Top Four Qualities of an Exceptional Summer Camp, Scarsdale, New York

For many, summer camp is the highlight of the year. When the camp itself is exceptional, children and teens alike will walk away with a greater sense of self, improved confidence, and lasting memories. To give kids the opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world around them, search for an overnight camp that will encourage growth. Below are four signs a camp will provide opportunities for your child to learn, discover, and grow while having the time of their lives.

Four Qualities of an Exceptional Summer Camp

1. A Safety & Health-Conscious Camp

As a starting point, all children need to be provided for at camp with an atmosphere that emphasizes their safety and health awareness. A child will typically not relax and enjoy him or herself should they be concerned or ill at ease with pressures relating to their level of care in these two key areas. A camp’s efforts to provide superior physical conditions, a level of high quality supervision and safeguards against program-related potential dangers all play a large role in the overall goals of the exceptional summer camp.

Summer camp programs that provide an emphasis on healthy living promote a manner of keeping their campers free of medical issues and the resulting downtime from the wonderful potential of an exceptional camp experience. A well-run summer camp must have high quality medical facilities and a team of experienced medical professionals who will be totally focused on the medical needs of the individual camper.

2. Opportunities For Learning & Growth

Summer camps that provide a program with worthwhile activities, high quality instruction and a wide selection of daily choices, offer the best opportunity for children to be exposed to many new potential areas of interest and provide a great focus for skill development. Exceptional camp programs will cater to a large variety of camper interests, both educational and recreational in nature. Along the way, campers learn to make individual choices, develop higher levels of self-esteem through skill enhancement and obtain good feelings about what they are accomplishing while learning through participation in an exceptional camp program.

3. Fun & Laughter

Children tend to enjoy experiences where they can relax, be themselves and be involved with some good old-fashioned fun! Laughter brings people together, creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and helps the development of social interaction and relationship building. Life lessons learned in a camp culture filled with laughter and fun are often times viewed in a less critical and more meaningful way. It is quite common for adults who spent many summers at an exceptional summer camp program to reminisce on a regular basis about their childhood camp experiences. Most of these flashbacks to their younger days are accompanied by smiles and laughter as they recall moments or events that took place so many years ago as a camper at camp.

4. A Welcoming Camp Atmosphere That Fosters Friendship

Ultimately, a child’s camp experience is defined by the relationships with both campers and staff that are formed while participating in the hundreds of daily interactions that take place throughout the camp season. Beyond the addition of activity-related skills, the increased level of self-esteem, the learned sense of independence, the bonds of camp life between people are perhaps the most significant outcome of the camp experience for the individual camper. Different summer camps provide a varying level of individual attention and warmth based upon a number of factors. The exceptional summer camp has the ability to provide a welcoming atmosphere to all campers regardless of the number of years a child has spent at camp, where they’re from, their cultural background or other items that on the surface might differentiate one camper from the next. This ability to connect campers with one another is a quality that should not be overlooked as it goes a long way toward helping children to be successful in a camp environment.


For an exceptional overnight summer camp experience, children prefer Camp Eagle Hill. Located in Elizaville, NY, Eagle Hill offers a variety of age-based sports programs, water sports, performing arts, creative arts and more. Children of all ages and interests will have opportunities for growth and exploration. Eagle Hill camp counselors are trained to be inclusive, enthusiastic and friendly and help to create a safe and positive environment for every child. For more information, visit the Camp Eagle Hill website or call (914) 725-4876 today.