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How Do Rare Coin Appraisals Work? February 5, 2018

Carle Place, Carle Place
How Do Rare Coin Appraisals Work?, Carle Place, New York

Here at American Coins & Gold we love when we are able to tell someone their rare coin is worth some serious cash.  It all begins with a no obligation appraisal process which we will go into more detail about imagebelow.  Essentially, we will examine your rare coin or rare coin collection and determine a cash payout we find the fairest for both parties. 

Our Free Appraisal Process includes:

Coin Identification:  This is where we identify the type of rare coin(s) you are getting appraised.  There are many instances of coins being worth a lot more than their weight in gold or silver due to multiple factors.  Some of them including rare misprints, low circulation quality, historical significance, high demand, and more.

Coin Authenticity:  Since some rare coins are worth a LOT of cash, we are always careful to examine each and every coin for authenticity.  Since there are a lot of fakes being passed around in the coin industry this is a crucial step in the appraisal / evaluation process to ensure the coin at question is actually 100% authentic.

Coin Grading: During our coin grading process we look at the condition the rare coin is in to determine its approximate value.  By placing a grade on the coins condition we are able to see what similar coins have sold for in the industry.

Precious Metal Price: The material each coin is made from can also impact the price of the coin.  If your rare coin isn’t actually that rare, it will still be worth it’s weight in whatever precious metal it consists of.  Since the metal market is consistently on the rise, this can make that coin collection you have appreciate year after year.

As you can see there is a good amount of factors that come into play during the appraisal process.  By allowing an experienced coin professional evaluate your rare coins it ensures you won’t get underpaid for your valuable pieces.

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