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The Guide to Eating Sushi Like a Professional February 13, 2018

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
The Guide to Eating Sushi Like a Professional, Honolulu, Hawaii

Going out to a Japanese restaurant for sushi is not only a way to indulge in your favorite food, but it also creates a memorable experience. Understanding how to eat fresh tuna and other forms of sushi enhance this overall experience. Whether this is your first time trying sushi, or you have been eating it for years, there are a few tips and customs you should know.

How to Properly Eat Sushi

fresh tunaSushi was originally eaten as a finger food. Chopsticks were introduced to offer an easier and less messy way of enjoying seafood. However, if you do not have much practice with chopsticks, it may take more than one night to get the hang of them. Feel free to switch over to using just your hands.

Soy sauce is added to your table as an accent to the raw fish. It is not meant to marinate or season your ingredients. Instead of submerging your sushi in soy sauce, slightly dip the fish. Dunking fresh tuna or any other sushi in soy sauce will only mask the flavors of the fish.

Customs of Eating Sushi

In most cases, the chef usually knows best when it comes to ordering fish off the menu. They are in charge of picking the fish at the start of the day and understand which one is freshest and may taste the best. Ask your chef for their advice before ordering. Whether you decide to go with their recommendation or a familiar favorite such as fresh tuna, this lets them know that you at least value their opinion.


Ahi and Vegetable is the premier sushi spot in the Honolulu, HI, area and a source of other high-quality seafood. Whether you want to enjoy fresh tuna during a night out with friends or want a sashimi platter for an office event, the experts understand what it takes to deliver premium seafood. Visit their Yelp page or call (808) 845-3500 to get more information about their menu options.

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