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5 Reasons to Own a Truck February 15, 2018

Puyallup, Pierce
5 Reasons to Own a Truck, Puyallup, Washington

Trucks and SUVs offer an array of benefits to vehicle owners, from larger interiors and trunk space to easy travel over difficult terrain. Anyone can benefit from a truck, especially if you have a business that requires a lot of equipment, or you have a large family to transport from place to place. If you are considering a new or used truck, here are five reasons you should choose one today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Truck

1. Helps With Work

Any job can benefit from a larger carrying capacity. While construction businesses and contractors like HVAC technicians and plumbers use trucks to house their tools and equipment, companies that offer delivery services or send multiple employees to a job site can utilize the space as well. Other businesses that benefit from the convenience of a truck include those that offer samples or set up displays to show to customers.

2. Accommodates Large Families

used trucksFamilies with more than five members should consider large vehicles such as trucks to seat everyone comfortably, especially on long rides. Groups with at least two small children still in car seats should definitely consider moving from a sedan to a truck due to the bulk of modern safety seats. Parents of young children also require space for other necessities like strollers, diaper bags, coolers for snacks, and toys.

3. Handles Inclement Weather

Trucks sit higher than other vehicles, making it easier to get over mounds of snow and ice. Tires on trucks and SUVs also fare better in wet, slushy, or snowy roads, and many models offer four-wheel drive. You are less likely to get stuck in inclement weather when you have a reliable truck.

4. Offers Recreational Opportunities

Your hobbies may dictate how much trunk space you need. If you enjoy skiing, hockey, or other sports that come with large equipment and bulky safety gear, having the extra space makes it easier to transport everything. Pre-owned or used trucks are great for storing sports equipment as well as other items used for outdoor fun.

5. Mitigates Physical Limits

Sedans are low to the ground, and getting in and out can be difficult for individuals with certain physical limitations. SUVs and trucks have more legroom to stretch in and offer passengers steps and a handrail to make entering and exiting easier.


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