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The Most Common Situations Where Cat Boarding Is Useful February 13, 2018

Keaau, Hawaii
The Most Common Situations Where Cat Boarding Is Useful, Keaau, Hawaii

While cats handle being alone better than dogs do, you can expect many situations to arise where you will not want to leave your feline friend at home alone. It’s in these situations that cat boarding at Bar-King Dog Kennel will save the day in Keaau, HI. Their team has found there are some common reasons why their customers choose to take advantage of this service, and these may be situations where you’ll want to bring in your cat as well.

3 Popular Reasons to Use Cat Boarding

1. Vacation

The most common reason people use cat kennels is that they are going on vacation and don’t want to – or cannot – take their kitty with them. Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, you want to know that your furry family member will be in good hands. Boarding will ensure that your cat gets their meals on time, plenty of attention, and medication when they need it. It can also protect your house by keeping your cat from getting into unsupervised mischief.

2. Moving & Renovating

cat boardingA lot of strange action around the house can easily stress out cats and worrying about your cat will increase your own stress levels too. It’s often when people are moving or renovating that their cat can become stressed and slip out the door to run away. If you’re moving, renovating, or having some other strange activity going on at the house, it’s best to put your cat into a relaxing, safe environment until it’s over.

3. House Guests

When you live in such a beautiful place, you can expect to have house guests from time to time. Ask your guests if they will be allergic to your pet and put the cat in boarding if they are. Even if your guests are not allergic, it may be a good idea to put the cat in a nice pet boarding environment, so they won’t be stressed out by the guests invading their space.

No matter what your reason is, cat boarding can be good for both you and your pet. Bar-King Dog Kennel serves pet owners all over the island and offers pet grooming services that you can combine with your boarding service. Call them at (808) 966-8733 to schedule a tour of their kennel or request pricing for your pet.

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