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Health Care Staff Share 3 Signs of Bronchitis February 13, 2018

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Health Care Staff Share 3 Signs of Bronchitis, Sanford, North Carolina

Bronchitis is one of the most common issues associated with the cold, and due to the severity of its symptoms, it’s vital to be able to recognize it. Many people often mistake it for pneumonia, according to the health care staff at Carolina Doctors Med Care in Sanford, NC, and these self-diagnoses can have serious consequences. Bronchitis has specific symptoms you can identify, and treatment needs to be accurate and immediate.

3 Signs of Bronchitis

1. Harsh Cough

health-careBecause bronchitis is caused by inflammation in your bronchial tubes, coughing is the most common side effect. It’s often very harsh, and people will cough up discolored mucus. In serious cases, intense coughing can lead to tears, and streaks of blood will be visible in the mucus. It’s imperative to see a health care professional if this occurs, as the tearing may worsen. However, common coughing is rarely dangerous and should pass within a week.

2. Chest Pain

The inflammation in the bronchial tubes, combined with coughing, can cause regular chest pain, especially if the bronchitis develops from a respiratory infection. It can range from moderate to severe and cause a burning sensation. With acute bronchitis, it usually passes within 10 days, but with chronic bronchitis, it can take several months. If you have repeat incidents, see a health care professional so they can determine if it’s chronic.

3. Shortness of Breath

The congestion and inflammation in your bronchial tubes can make it more difficult to breathe, so you may find yourself short of breath. If you’re dealing with cold symptoms as well, you may experience nasal blockage. In most cases, this is non-serious; but, if it becomes difficult to breathe, it should be considered a medical emergency.

Bronchitis is extremely manageable, so turn to a trusted health care staff for help. At Carolina Doctors Med Care, they offer various medical services, including weight loss programs and minor surgery; they’re  also committed to helping patients maintain their health. Call (919) 774-3680 today to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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