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3 Situations Requiring Emergency Tree Service February 12, 2018

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3 Situations Requiring Emergency Tree Service, Milton, Pennsylvania

Trees are beautiful to look at, and they provide enjoyable shade, but they can also threaten life and property if they sustain enough damage. Although some situations may not seem significant, you might need emergency tree service to protect your home and keep your landscape looking its best. If you notice the following signs on your property, you should call for tree service.

3 Situations That Require Emergency Tree Service

1. Storm Damageemergency tree service

Weather is unpredictable during every season. So, it’s not unusual for it to produce storms powerful enough to damage trees. Because they are left to fend off the elements without protection, trees can sustain heavy damage from winds, ice, or excessive flooding. They can completely blow over, or branches can break, fall, and damage your home. If your area has experienced severe weather, contact an emergency tree service for an inspection. They can determine if removal or pruning is necessary to keep you and your family safe.

2. Roots Blocking Pipes

Not only can tree limbs break, fall, and damage your home or property, but their roots can also pose a significant problem. Underground water and sewage pipes often come into contact with them. However, they can grow in such a way that they can block access to the piping. In some cases, the roots can even rupture the pipes, which can create a burden for the homeowner. 

3. Disease

Disease and decay often affect trees. Common signs of the disease include branch and leaf loss, as well as discoloration of leaves. If these signs go unnoticed, the tree can either die, or their roots will be affected and have difficulty acting as a support structure. It is best to contact an arborist as soon as you notice the first sign of disease. If it’s caught early enough, the specialist can treat the tree and reverse the damage. However, if help arrives too late, you may need emergency service to remove it entirely.


Keep your home and property safe by contacting the arborists at Travis Monk Tree Service for all of your emergency tree service needs. As Milton, Pennsylvania’s go-to land clearing company, they provide quality tree care services, including removal, stump grinding, and pruning, all at affordable prices. Call (570) 490-4634 to speak with a helpful team member, or visit them online for more information. 

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