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Why Septic Tank Cleaning Is Essential for Your Property February 14, 2018

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Why Septic Tank Cleaning Is Essential for Your Property, Byhalia, Mississippi

Some homeowners ignore their septic systems until there is a major problem. However, septic tank cleaning is a crucial step in keeping your system running smoothly while also preventing expensive repairs or replacements. Here, the experts at A & J Nichols Septic Tank of Byhalia, MS, explain the benefits of a clean tank.

How They Work

Wastewater from your bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen flow into the septic tank through an inlet. Once in the tank, organic solid waste floats to the top, inorganic waste sinks to the bottom, and the middle is a layer of liquid. Once bacteria treat the liquid in the middle, it moves through a system where it's drained into the environment. The solid waste remains in the tank and collects. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will fill up with waste, which will leak into the drain field over time. 

Why Septic Tank Cleaning Is Necessary

The collection of solid waste isseptic tank cleaning a slow process. It’s likely you won’t notice a problem until the damage is already done. However, scheduling septic tank pumping is less expensive than replacing the system. 

Also, if the untreated waste leaks into the drainfield, you increase the risk of environmental hazards. The sewage will contaminate any soil it comes in contact with. It can also clog your system, which will cause wastewater to flush back into your home and create an unsanitary mess.

When to Schedule Service

Depending on your family size, your septic tank requires cleaning every three to five years. When the technician empties the tank, they will also inspect it for any signs of damage. So if you want to keep your septic system running smoothly for several years, never wait until it is too late. 

As Byhalia’s best septic company, A & J Nichols Septic Tank is here to keep your septic system functioning at its highest performance level. Their experienced team offers quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and a wide range of septic solutions, including septic tank cleaning, pumping, and 24-hour emergency service. Call them today at (662) 838-2945 to speak with a helpful team member about your needs, or visit them online for more information. 

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