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3 Flowers That Symbolize Love for a Special Valentine's Day February 13, 2018

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3 Flowers That Symbolize Love for a Special Valentine's Day, Manhattan, New York

As Valentine’s Day nears, you may be thinking about gifting flowers to a special someone. Many people pick blooms based on their coloration, but did you know each hue has a different meaning? Below, Madison Avenue Florist Ltd. in New York, NY, shares three Valentine’s flower options and their symbolism to help you create a unique floral arrangement for your loved one this holiday.

Send Love to a Special Valentine with These 3 Flowers

1. Sunflowers

flowersThese beautiful yellow blooms are not often thought of as a Valentine’s bouquet option, but they are a great choice because they symbolize adoration. Instead of a typical red and pink arrangement, opt to gift a loved one with large, cheerful sunflowers this holiday. They’re a great choice for a romantic partner, close friend, or cherished relative.

2. Lilies

Since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, many people could use a little warmth in their lives. You can help someone you love cozy up this season with some Valentine’s lilies. Go for an orange, pink, or red variety to remind the recipient that spring is coming. Lilies are the perfect option for someone who doesn’t love winter and will appreciate a non-traditional bouquet.

3. White Roses

While red is the most common V-Day color, white is also popular — especially for floral arrangements. Gifting white roses is a beautiful way to tell someone you love and appreciate them. These lovely flowers give off a gorgeous aroma and signify pure love and respect. Gift white roses to a spouse or partner, parent, or close friend.

No matter what flowers you choose, the recipient will be thankful for your thoughtful gesture. To learn about Madison Avenue Florist Ltd.’s holiday flower options call (212) 319-0242. Visit the website for information on their stunning bouquets, beautiful arrangements, and long-lasting plants for all occasions. The company offers speedy delivery and top-notch blooms to suit all your flower needs. 

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