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How to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm February 13, 2018

Webster, Monroe
How to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm, Webster, New York

All homes are built to withstand the elements and protect its inhabitants from the worst of Mother Nature. Even the best-built homes, however, can sustain damage from a bad storm, and if you don’t respond to it soon enough, it could cause additional problems like mold, rot, and structural risk. If you experience a substantial snowstorm, tornado, or thunderstorm, a few quick inspections should let you know whether you need to schedule any roof repairs. Below are the first places to check for damage.

The Attic

The first place to check for leaks should be your attic, preferably during the day. Holes, cracks, and missing shingles will be particularly obvious if sunlight shines through ceiling. However, you can still spot damage if it isn’t sunny by shining a flashlight around your attic. Pay close attention to the flooring, walls, and decking, which may also have water marks, warped wood, or a mildew smell.

Top of the Roof & Gutters

roof repairEither standing on a ladder or from another safe vantage point, look for loose or detached flashing around chimneys or skylights, curled/misshapen shingles, or windblown debris. Shingles in need of replacement may also be discolored or missing granules. If your shingles were ripped off the roof during the storm, might also notice loose nails in your roof or gutters. Remove debris as soon as possible, as it can harbor rot and damage shingles, and schedule a roof repair appointment for patching if necessary. 


If you need a fully insured and licensed roofer to repair storm damage, contact Kaptein Contracting. The family-owned business serves the metro Rochester, NY, area. Their team has been in the roof repair business for over three generations, and they provide quality craftsmanship at affordable rates. Need more information? Call (585) 202-7788 to schedule an inspection or request a free estimate. The A+ rated Better Business Bureau® member is also available online.

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