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Landrum Car Maintenance Experts Explain What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Is On February 5, 2018

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Landrum Car Maintenance Experts Explain What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Is On , Landrum, South Carolina

Car trouble is something no one wants to deal with. However, if something does go awry, especially with your engine, it’s important to know how to handle it safely. The team at Landrum Lube in South Carolina emphasizes the importance of regular car maintenance in keeping your vehicle on the road and in optimal condition for as long as possible. Here, they explain what the check engine light means and what to do if it comes on. 

What Does the Check Engine Light Do? 

The check engine light might indicate one of many issues. It illuminates when the car’s electric control system detects a problem with the engine. The system activates the light and stores an error code in its database. Auto mechanics can use the code to diagnose the exact problem, whether it’s a broken oxygen sensor, old catalytic converter, or inefficient spark plugs. 

What Should You Do if It Comes On? 

car maintenanceYour first step should be to see if the light remains illuminated or is blinking. A blinking light indicates a significant engine misfire, and it’s important to get the car inspected immediately because unburned fuel can be dumped into the exhaust system, potentially ruining the catalytic converter. A steady light also indicates a serious issue, although it’s typically not as urgent.

If you’re driving when you notice the check engine light, pull over to a safe location, make sure the gas cap is screwed on tightly, and check the fluid levels under the hood. If everything appears to be clear, turn the car off and let the engine rest for a few minutes. As soon as possible, take the vehicle to a car maintenance shop to have it examined. Investing in this preventative measure can help you avoid extensive damage and costly repairs. 

If you live in the Spartanburg County area, trust the car maintenance specialists at Landrum Lube to take care of your vehicle, whether it’s a simple oil change, tire pressure check, or something more complex. With nearly two decades of experience, they’re known as one of the area’s most reliable express oil change companies. Call (864) 457-3956 to speak with a helpful staff member, or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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