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Laundry Expert Explains How to Clean Your Hats February 13, 2018

Belmont, Lincoln
Laundry Expert Explains How to Clean Your Hats , Lincoln, Nebraska

Be honest—when was the last time that you washed your hat? Many people often forget to wash their caps until they become sweaty, smelly, or stained. You should be including them as part of your laundry routine, but it’s not as simple as throwing them into the washing machine and walking away. The experts at City Laundry in Lincoln, NE have shared their best tips for getting hats clean.

Cleaning Your Hat in Your Laundry

Hand Wash or Machine Wash?

Not all caps are created equally, and some might not actually be worth laundering if they’re likely to fall apart in the washing machine. Durable caps that are made with washable fabrics like cotton, twill or polyester can typically be washed in either cool or warm water. If your cap is cheap or flimsy, or has cardboard parts in the visor, you’re better off either tossing it or washing it by hand.

Read the Label

laundryRefer to the hat’s care label to determine the best washer and dryer settings. For all caps, make sure to use a gentle cycle and mild laundry soap to help preserve its shape. Never use bleach, which can also weaken caps and make them more likely to deteriorate.

Use a Cap Cage

A cap cage is indispensable for preserving your favorite hat’s shape while it’s in the washing machine. These can be used in the washing machine and to air dry your cap in order to prevent the band and bill from warping.

For more advice on how to get your laundry done the right way, talk to the experts at City Laundry. This fast and affordable laundromat offers coin-operated and commercial laundry services for all types of garments. Learn more about this Lincoln laundromat online or by giving them a call today at (402) 483-2113.

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