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3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Used Furniture February 12, 2018

Havelock, Lincoln
3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Used Furniture , Lincoln, Nebraska

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or want to give your bedroom a makeover, consider opting for used furniture. This affordable option can help you create a gorgeous dwelling on a budget or experiment with different styles. There are a few factors to consider when making a used furniture purchase, including its potential for reupholstering and structure.

What to Know About Buying Used Furniture

1. Pieces Can Be Updated Easily

First impressions aren’t everything. When considering used furniture, think about what it would look like if it were reupholstered or restored. A shabby wooden dresser can be transformed with a fresh coat of paint, and headboards receive new life when reupholstered in a fabric that matches your bedroom.

2. Pay Attention to the Support System

used-furniture-lincoln-neWhen purchasing used furniture, the “bones” of each piece are often more important than aesthetics, which can be easily changed. Pull out drawers to make sure they’re all usable, and examine wooden pieces for signs of warping or water damage. Sit on chairs to make sure they can support your weight, and lean on tables to see if they’ll collapse under pressure.

3. Be Cautious of Secondhand Mattresses

While most bedroom furniture is fine to purchase secondhand, take precautions when shopping for a used mattress. These can harbor germs, bacteria, and bugs. If it isn’t in your budget to buy a new mattress or factory seconds, make a cheaper investment, such as a futon mattress or air mattress, in the meantime.


For a large selection of used furniture in the Midwest, head to Salvage Warehouse. This Nebraska shop has locations in Lincoln and Grand Island, and they carry a wide selection of used appliances and furniture. Whether you are looking for a dresser or refrigerator, they are proud to offer you competitive prices that are often 70% less than retail value. Learn more about their products and services online or by calling (402) 466-8294 today.

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