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3 Reasons to Opt for Custom Picture Framing February 13, 2018

Branson, Taney
3 Reasons to Opt for Custom Picture Framing, Branson, Missouri

Displaying artwork is one of the easiest ways to turn a house into a home. Every piece tells a story, whether you picked it out on your last vacation or inherited it from a relative. Even artwork that may not be worth a lot of money can hold a lot of sentimental value, which means it’s worth protecting. That’s why you should always opt for custom picture framing when you acquire a new piece. 

Why You Should Opt for Custom Picture Framing

1. Complement Your Overall Design Scheme

With custom picture framing, the combinations you can choose from are virtually limitless. Instead of trying to hunt down a frame that fits the piece and your design scheme, you can create one that meets your precise specifications. Choose from dozens of options for the frame, matting, mounting board, glass, and protective covers.

picture framing2. Get an Expert’s Opinion

Skilled framers spend a lot of time working with art, and when it comes to showcasing a piece, they know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re not sure what you want, custom framers can offer a professional opinion backed by years of framing experience and an eye for aesthetics.

3. Protect the Piece

Pre-made frames do not offer the same UV protection that custom ones do. In fact, some materials can even damage your prints over time. Custom framers, on the other hand, only use the highest quality materials to produce showcases that are acid-free and dust resistant.


If you want to protect your favorite artwork for generations, turn to V & K Custom Picture Framing. Serving Branson, MO, and the surrounding areas, they are proud to produce museum-quality custom pictures frames for all types of artwork and memorabilia. Check out their website to view some of their work from the past 40 years, or call (417) 334-6393 to discuss your display needs today.