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Why Technology Won't Eliminate the Need for a Court Transcriptionist February 12, 2018

Plainville, Hartford County
Why Technology Won't Eliminate the Need for a Court Transcriptionist, Plainville, Connecticut

Advancements in technology have eliminated various jobs in the past few decades, but one position that automation won’t be able to replace entirely is that of a court transcriptionist. Transcribing verbal exchanges accurately in real time is a task that machines struggle with because conversations are unpredictable. Below, the talented team at A Plus Reporting Service explains why computers won’t be replacing an experienced court reporter anytime soon.

Technology vs. a Court Transcriptionist

1. Language Is Unique & Ever-Changing

Slang, colloquialisms, and language in general evolve. Additionally, accents can vary immensely from region to region. Even if a developer were able to devise a program that correctly identified every word in modern usage, it would be virtually impossible to input every possible pronunciation or teach the computer to catch different dialects. A court transcriptionist, on the other hand, will know that when someone from the south says “law-yer,” they are referring to the same thing as a northerner’s “loyer.”

2. Confirmation Is Often Necessary

court transcriptionistWhen speech is unclear or muddled, a court transcriber can ask for verification. This may be necessary if the speaker uses gestures instead of words or mispronounces something. When a computer program records the proceedings, on the other hand, there will likely be errors scattered throughout the transcript because the program cannot stop and ask for confirmation.

3. Every Case Is Different  

No two legal proceedings are the same, and the template that works for one deposition may not necessarily apply under different circumstances. A court transcriptionist can adjust to any changes as needed, but even the most advanced program will not have the flexibility to adapt to virtually any scenario at any given moment without advanced notice.

If you need a reliable court transcriptionist, turn to A Plus Reporting Service. Based in Wallingford, CT, their qualified team of professional transcribers is proud to serve clients around the country for everything from quality shorthand reporting to video transcriptions. Reach out to them through their website or call (203) 269-9976 to discuss your needs with a helpful representative today. 

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