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3 Important Reasons to Hire a Licensed & Insured Arborist February 13, 2018

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3 Important Reasons to Hire a Licensed & Insured Arborist, Hawthorne, Florida

If you need tree removal, planting, or maintenance work done on your property, you will benefit from hiring a professional arborist. Before you select one, make sure they are licensed and insured. Here are three important reasons you shouldn’t work with someone who isn’t. 

Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed & Insured Arborist

1. Working With Uninsured Companies Is Risky

When you hire an arborist who is insured, they are responsible for any damage that occurs to your property as a result of the work. You also won’t be held liable for injuries if a team member is hurt while performing a dangerous tree removal or maintenance duty. 

2. Licensed & Insured Companies Give Customers Their Money’s Worth

arboristLicensed and insured companies are known for being reliable and consistent when providing quotes to customers. So when they give you an initial price, you can have peace of mind they’ll actually stick to that number. Furthermore, since they employ only experienced, qualified team members and have equipment that is up to the latest safety standards to comply with industry regulations, the work will be completed to your high standards, and the results will have been worth the initial investment.

3. They Do Higher-Quality Work

An arborist who’s willing to invest in their business and protect their customers takes pride in their work. You can rest assured you have hired a professional who will complete the job correctly. They’ll also finish the project on time and make sure you’re fully satisfied with the results. 


Crusader Tree Service and Property Maintenance, serving Hawthorne and Gainesville, FL, is a licensed and insured arborist offering a variety of services, including tree trimming and removal. They provide free estimates and are dedicated to ensuring each property they work on looks beautiful all year long. Call (352) 219-3264 or contact them online to learn more today.

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