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What Are Some of the Most Common Signs of Bipolar Disorder? February 9, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
What Are Some of the Most Common Signs of Bipolar Disorder?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Mental health is a spectrum, and even clinical conditions like depression and bipolar disorder can come with a wide range of symptoms in different people. Regardless, every mental illness has a few effects it is most likely to have on behavior and mood. By knowing some of the most common signs of such conditions, individuals can recognize when they may be living with something that is treatable, like bipolar disorder, and ultimately get the help they need.

3 Common Signs of Bipolar Disorder

1. Depression

People who are exhibiting symptoms like lethargy, disinterest, and sadness could have depression, or they could be experiencing a bipolar depressive state. If a doctor diagnosed you with depression, but the medication does not seem to be working, it could be because you actually have bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, antidepressants can worsen the symptoms of bipolar disorder, so it is worth getting a second opinion.  

2. Irritability

bipolar disorderPeople with bipolar disorder can experience mixed mania, which occurs when symptoms of both mania and depression are present simultaneously. This can cause irritability and emotional outbursts that have no obvious or proportionate cause. Everyone suffers from the occasional bad mood, but if your irritability is so frequent or so severe that it affects personal relationships, seek a diagnosis. 

3. Rapid Talking

Some individuals are naturally talkative; however, those with bipolar disorder will not only talk a lot—and quickly—but they will also talk over anyone who tries to interject. They might jump from topic to topic, and it often feels like a one-sided conversation comprised of rapid ramblings. This symptom typically arises during a manic or mixed manic state, but it will not be present during a depressive state.


If any of the above signs sound familiar, turn to Clinical Services in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, for diagnosis and treatment. They have been providing comprehensive mental health services to patients of all ages for nearly three decades. Their licensed practitioners will treat or manage conditions ranging from bipolar disorder to PTSD. You can learn more about their qualified staff by visiting the practice online. To schedule an appointment today, call (715) 424-3400. 

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