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How to Overcome Your Stage Fright at a Karaoke Bar February 12, 2018

Downtown Portland, Portland West
How to Overcome Your Stage Fright at a Karaoke Bar, Portland West, Oregon

Stage fright is something a huge number of people suffer from, whether they rarely speak in public or perform in huge theaters night after night. One great way to work on getting past your anxiety is to go to a karaoke bar and do some performing there. 

This is an effective approach because karaoke restaurants are some of the lowest-stakes performance spaces around. No one expects you to sing beautifully, you can sing just one song, and, when it’s over, you can sit down and enjoy a good drink! Karaoke is the perfect way to ease in without feeling like you might let anyone else down or do a bad job. 

barBetter still, you can bring support to the bar in the form of your friends. They can either make up a friendly audience who will cheer you on no matter what, or, if you’re really nervous, they can accompany you to the front and sing along. You’ll also be more relaxed and have more fun throughout the night because you’re spending time with people you enjoy. That will help you take your mind off the upcoming performance, meaning you’ll worry about it less.

On the other hand, many stage fright sufferers break out in a cold sweat thinking about their friends watching them! If that’s the case for you, karaoke is also something you can do alone. And, you’ll remain entirely anonymous. You can hop up on stage, sing one song, and then go home, all while getting to feel proud you got past your anxiety. 


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