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6 Ways Your Child Can Expand Their Vocabulary March 13, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
6 Ways Your Child Can Expand Their Vocabulary, Manhattan, New York

Expanding your child's vocabulary will expand your child's horizons. They will discover new ways of seeing, experiencing, and naming the world around them, and they will be more drawn to stories and writings that challenge them. Below, the English tutors at FasTracKids in Brooklyn, New York, share six ways to increase a child's vocabulary skills.

6 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary

1. Read—a Lot

Probably the single best thing a child can do to build their vocabulary is to read as much as possible. While any type of reading is beneficial, fictional books and stories let a student see new words in a specific context, allowing them to understand how these words are used in everyday life and in what situations. And if a meaning is ever unclear, be sure your child has a dictionary on hand for quick reference.

2. Peruse Dictionaries, Thesauruses, & Encyclopedias

Remember reference books like dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and the like? Obviously, you can still quite easily get your hands on reference books, and they can be fun for your child to flip through and discover random words. Make it a game; each day, your child has to unearth one new word and investigate its meaning.

3. Play Word Games

English tutorWord games are a fun, interactive way to encourage your child to expand their vocabulary. Crosswords, word searches, jumbles, anagrams—these are all excellent tools for vocab-building. If your child is resistant to these games, sit down and do them together. When you show your own enthusiasm for word puzzles, it may well rub off on your child and ignite an interest that was previously dormant.

4. Journal

Anyone of any age can benefit from keeping a journal. But for kids, journaling is especially important. Not only are they learning to observe the world and their experiences—they are also gaining valuable writing skills. Have them include a list of new words they learn each day in their journal entries so they can reflect on all the ways their vocabulary is growing.

5. Maintain Strong Communication Skills

Foster strong communication skills by engaging in regular conversation with your child. In a time when many kids have their heads buried in electronic devices, holding a normal conversation with another human being can be a game-changer. The conversations don't have to be particularly deep or meaningful; any chitchat lets your child get used to hearing new words aloud and incorporating them into their own vocabularies.

6. Hire an English Tutor

An English tutor will be your child's biggest vocabulary champion. They will utilize various techniques to introduce new words and make the learning process fun. Also, an English tutor can zero in on specific challenges your child may be facing and address those issues directly.

For vocabulary help, trust the English tutors at FasTracKids. FasTracKids has a variety of tutoring options, after-school programs, and gifted and talented test prep classes available. Call (718) 260-8100, visit them online, or message them on Facebook or Twitter to enroll in sessions with an English tutor today.

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