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How Building Blocks & Other Children’s Toys Benefit Little Ones March 9, 2018

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How Building Blocks & Other Children’s Toys Benefit Little Ones, Mamaroneck, New York

Children’s toys offer an opportunity for fun and developing skills. This is especially true of building blocks and similar products. From better socialization to enhanced problem solving, they are a no-brainer for parents shopping at a toy store. 

Below are just a few reasons you should invest in these toys for your little one today: 

  • children's toysMotor Skills: Playing with blocks requires grasping them, then balancing them in a way so they don’t fall over. This improves your child’s hand-eye coordination and their understanding of balance and gravity. The longer they play with the blocks, the better they will be at building them up.
  • Logical Thinking: Building anything is a matter of testing and improving. As your child tries to build something and it topples, they will think through why it fell and improve their structure the next time. For example, they may realize they need to build a stronger base in order to build taller. These logical thinking skills are great mental stimulation.
  • Language Skills: As you play with your child and the blocks, take the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. You can work with them on the color, shape, and size of the blocks. You can even work on math skills with older children by helping them count, add up, and subtract the number of blocks they’re working with.
  • Social Skills: Building something is a game that children can easily enjoy together. Invite a friend over and have them work on a project. Your child will learn valuable sharing and cooperation skills, which will be especially important to have once they start school.


A trip to Toy Box in Mamaroneck, NY, will be the highlight of your child’s day and is a perfect time to pick up building children’s toys. They carry an expansive selection for all ages and can explain how different options benefit little ones. Call them at (914) 698-7110 to ask about their newest products or visit them online.

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