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Underpinning & Piering Solutions in Advanced Foundation Repair February 12, 2018

Dover, Dutchess
Underpinning & Piering Solutions in Advanced Foundation Repair, Dover, New York

If you live in an older home and have noticed issues like sticking windows or drywall cracks, you may be experience foundation damage. Catching this early and correcting it with underpinning and piering solutions is the best way to tackle foundation repair to avoid further problems. Read on for a brief breakdown of some of these options to help you understand how a professional contractor can help restore your home to its original position.

What Are Examples of Underpinning & Piering Solutions?

  • Helical & Steel Piers: Both of these pier styles are driven deep into the ground until they reach solid bedrock. Once the piers have been load-tested, they are used to hold the structure’s weight and help lift the foundation to its balanced position.

  • Plate Anchors: This repair method is used to help stabilize a basement that begins to bow over time. Since it’s a fairly simple process to install ECP wall anchors, the overall job is quick and cost-effective.

  • Helical Tiebacks: Another solution for bowing basement walls is the use of helical tiebacks. Designed to stabilize the walls, the tiebacks are installed by drilling small holes in your basement walls, which are later sealed and patched.

  • Hydraulic Lift Slab Piers: Slab piers provide the resistance needed to lift, support, and equally distribute the weight of concrete slabs in homes and commercial office buildings. Setup time for slab piers is fairly short, and they can be installed using portable equipment that doesn’t emit loud vibrations.

  • Helical Anchors: When excess groundwater is present under a home, helical anchors can be used to prevent soil from moving beneath the foundation. They can also support your home’s structure if axial compression and tension resistance forces are called for.

Why Should Homeowners Consider These Solutions?

foundation repairUnderpinning products provided by premier foundation repair companies are made to the highest standards and resistant to further settlement and corrosion. In addition to helping restore the structural integrity of your home, these solutions can also help you increase the value of your property.

How Do You Decide What Foundation Repair Company Is Right for You?

The best foundation repair companies will offer a warranty on their services and install products that are meticulously designed and engineered right in the USA. These materials can also be installed year-round, providing added convenience for homeowners with busy schedules. Even further, foundation repair products are often made with steel for future recycling, thus, decreasing your home’s carbon footprint.


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