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A Basic Guide to Puppy Vaccinations February 12, 2018

Honolulu, Oahu
A Basic Guide to Puppy Vaccinations , Honolulu, Hawaii

When you bring a new puppy home, all you want to do is shower them with affection and protect them from harm. However, your pup is susceptible to several diseases after they stop drinking their mother’s milk. Getting your newest companion vaccinated will prevent them from contracting potentially fatal illnesses. Below is more information regarding the importance of puppy vaccinations.

What You Should Know About Puppy Vaccinations

What Vaccinations Do

When puppies are nursing, they receive antibodies from their mother’s milk that shield them from illnesses. Once they are weaned off the milk, these antibodies are no longer effective. That’s why puppy vaccinations are so important. They give your puppy antigens to boost their immune system and help them resist to viruses.

Core & Non-Core Vaccines

puppy vaccinationsCore vaccines like canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies, and canine hepatitis are considered necessary for all puppies. Non-core vaccines are administered to puppies depending on their exposure risk. Such immunizations fight against diseases like the canine influenza and bordetella virus. If you plan to board your puppy, your veterinarian may recommend vaccinating him against these illnesses.

How Often to Vaccinate Your Puppy

It’s important to have a veterinarian examine your puppy as soon as possible. They will ensure your furry family member is healthy and recommend the appropriate vaccination schedule. Generally, puppies should be vaccinated every two to four weeks when they are between six and 16 weeks old.

Possible Vaccination Risks

Puppy vaccinations do come with some risks, but they are usually minor. For example, your furry family member may feel some discomfort at the injection site and experience a slight fever. However, if they develop facial swelling or have difficulty breathing, bring them to a vet clinic as soon as possible.


If it’s time for your new four-legged friend to receive puppy vaccinations, visit The Pet Clinic in Honolulu, HI. This pet hospital is committed to improving the lives of animals and offers a variety of different services, such as preventative healthcare, dentistry, nutritional counseling, and ultrasounds. For more information, call them at (808)-946-5096 or visit their website.

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