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3 Powerful Benefits of Laser Tongue-Tie Therapy February 13, 2018

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3 Powerful Benefits of Laser Tongue-Tie Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska

Caused by genetics, tongue-ties are formed by an especially thick band of tissue under the tongue, known as the lingual frenulum. This can be released through laser therapy, giving kids full range of motion again. Here are three powerful benefits of tongue-tie therapy, and why you should have your little one screened for this condition. 

3 Reasons to Schedule Tongue-Tie Laser Therapy

1. Improve Your Child’s Speaking Ability

With the help of laser therapy, your little one will be able to move their tongue properly during speech, improving their ability to talk normally. For this reason, many parents decide to release tongue-ties before their kids begin learning to speak. 

2. Recover Quickly From a Simple Proceduretongue-tie

Using an electrocautery device, dentists can release tongue-ties by gently separating the tissue. Since these cautery devices seal blood vessels and nerves on contact, the process is painless for kids and very low-risk as bacteria are destroyed during the process. Your child won’t need stitches, and although a scab tends to form on the incision, little ones typically return to their normal eating and drinking habits immediately. 

3. Pave the Way for Better Oral Health

Being able to move their tongue freely also gives kids the chance to clean off the surfaces of their teeth, improving oral health. In fact, without tongue-tie therapy, kids who struggle with the condition might be more likely to develop gingivitis


Does your child have trouble eating, speaking, and cleaning their teeth properly? To find out if they are living with a tongue-tie, visit the professionals at Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage, AK. With exceptional patient care and excellent dentistry, this team can help your children to enjoy healthier, more comfortable smiles. To learn more about their practice, visit them online or call (907) 274-2525.

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