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3 Reasons to Buy a Used Car at a Dealership February 9, 2018

Lawrence, 2
3 Reasons to Buy a Used Car at a Dealership, 2, Tennessee

When buying a used car, most drivers make their transaction with an auto dealership or a private owner. While you may find a vehicle at a good price from a friend or neighbor, the best way to ensure you purchase a quality make and model is to work with a reputable dealer. Discover the top reasons why a used car dealership will protect your investment below.  

3 Benefits of a Used Car Dealership 

Jackson-Used-Car1. Convenience 

When you visit a car dealership, you will choose from a large number of vehicles. A wider selection saves time and helps you find the best car, van, or truck for your needs. Auto dealers will also take care of tedious paperwork, including title transfer and vehicle registration. If you engage in a private transaction, it is your responsibility to complete these documents. 

2. Flexibility 

Car dealerships provide more flexible payment choices than private owners. In most cases, you can take advantage of their in-house financing. You can also compare their offers to alternative options, like bank loans. When buying from an individual, your vehicle selection may be limited, since you will need to provide a check or cash up front. 

3. Quality 

Ask your used car dealer about vehicles with warranties, which are not available during a transaction with a private seller. They will also have inspection and repair records, so you can verify that the car is ready to drive. You will also have more legal protection with a reputable dealer, which ensures quality. Due to the strict laws that auto dealers must follow, you won’t end up with a badly damaged or non-working vehicle. 


In addition to the advantages above, American Motors of Jackson in the City of Jackson, TN, also offers a friendly, small-town environment and guaranteed credit approval. To begin your search for your quality used car, use the custom vehicle finder tool on their website. To get more car buying tips and learn about the company, follow them on Facebook