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4 Traits of the Best Mortgage Loan Officers February 9, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
4 Traits of the Best Mortgage Loan Officers , North Haven, Connecticut

One way to minimize stress while applying for a mortgage is partnering with an experienced and patient loan officer. The best ones possess a combination of industry knowledge, clear communication skills, and enthusiasm. If you're about to embark on the wonderful journey of finding that dream home and securing financing, consider working with a lending professional with the following qualities.

What to Look For in Mortgage Loan Officers


If you have a question about something on the mortgage application or need further guidance on submitting requested documents, the best loan officers are accessible. They will respond to your emails and phone calls right away. You should even be able to reach them beyond normal business hours such as on weekends and evenings if necessary. 


loansExpert loan officers know their products inside and out. They will be able to spell out requirements on mortgage programs in clear and concise language. Should you, the client, have questions, the experts can confidently provide answers. Even if they don't have an immediate response, they will follow up and get you the needed information.


A positive attitude is infectious. Frankly, the mortgage application process can get a bit mundane at times. However, an enthusiastic loan officer helps keep their clients' spirits up throughout the entire journey. They strive to maintain the focus on the big picture, which is securing the best home loan financing deal for applicants so they can move into their dream house.


Top-performing loan officers are also sticklers for staying on task and meeting deadlines. After all, the best ones want their mortgage clients to complete action items and submit documentation so they don't miss out on good interest rates. Ultimately, they understand time is money and not being prompt can mean missed financing opportunities for their clients.


The loan officers at Movement Mortgage in North Haven, CT, have earned a stellar reputation for excellent customer service. That's because their team provides personalized attention for each unique mortgage need. As a mortgage loan originator with more than 20 years of experience, Lisa Long, professional loan officer, makes all of her clients her top priority. If you're ready to get started on the path to homeownership, call their team today at (203) 215-5133. Visit the website to find a loan officer to work with you.

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