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What Mold Will Do to Your Health February 12, 2018

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
What Mold Will Do to Your Health, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Mold thrives in damp environments and can be found almost anywhere in varying levels. Some individuals are more sensitive to it than others, showing symptoms similar to allergies or upper respiratory illnesses. Sometimes, the impact the fungus has on your health is quite serious. If your home shows signs of an issue, mold removal is necessary. Without remediation, here is how living with it will affect your health.

Why You Should Call for Mold Removal: The Impact the Fungus Has on Your Health

Symptoms of Mold Trouble

If your residence has water damage from a flood or leak or is prone to moisture, you have the perfect environment for mold to grow. Left unchecked, it will spread quickly, feeding on organic materials in the area and releasing spores into the air, water, or even on pets.

When mold is affecting your home, generally healthy occupants may have a stuffy noses, irritated throats, headaches, or itchy eyes. Other symptoms of exposure include coughing, wheezing, and skin rashes. Those with asthma may experience worsening reactions. A severe infestation may even trigger asthma in someone who doesn’t usually suffer from the respiratory illness.

Some people have serious allergies to mold and will experience more intense symptoms. Those with compromised immunity and a sensitivity to pneumonia or lung illnesses are susceptible to infections. More severe signs of prolonged exposure, particularly to toxic black mold, include vomiting, memory loss, lethargy, and bleeding in the nose and lungs.

Preventive Measures

mold removalThere are many ways to prevent fungus-related allergies and illnesses, with mold removal being at the top of the list. If your home doesn’t currently have an issue, the best way to reduce the risk of mold developing is to control humidity and quickly fix water-damaged areas. Make sure moisture-prone rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement are well ventilated, and keep ducts and vents clean. Ensure any carpets that have been affected by water are thoroughly dried.

For homes already suffering from mold, the best approach is to call the experts. A professional will assess what is present and in what quantity. Once this is determined, mold removal can begin. Remediation should also be followed by repairs to stop moisture trouble, which will only lead to more mold forming.


Dove Services in Gulf Shores, AL, brings two decades of expertise to their mold removal and water damage restoration services. These professionals will ensure your home is cleared of any hazards and create a healthier living space for you and your family. Call (251) 540-7357 for mold inspection and remediation information, or visit them online.

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