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How to Choose the Ideal Walker for You February 9, 2018

Burnsville, Dakota
How to Choose the Ideal Walker for You, Burnsville, Minnesota

If you have a disability, purchasing a mobility device, such as a walker, can make moving around much easier. However, there are various models available on the market, and it’s not always easy to tell which is the right one for you. Fortunately, the helpful team at Metro Medical Homecare in Burnsville, MN, are here to discuss a few different types of walkers and tips for choosing one. 

3 Tips for Choosing & Using Walkers

1. Walker Without Wheels

This is the most basic and standard style of a walker; it has four legs with rubber feet. Because there are no wheels and it must be picked up and moved forward while walking, it is best used by someone who needs additional help, but only plans to be going short distances. This model is also best for indoor surfaces rather than outdoor terrain.

2. Wheeled Walkers

walkersWheeled walkers have two wheels in the front, which are often fixed. They are recommended for people who require extra stability and plan on using them outdoors on uneven terrain. While they are slightly less stable than a walker without wheels, they are more effective at allowing a person to walk freely for a longer period, as they don’t have to be lifted.

3. Rollator

Rollators are four-wheel walkers that come with brakes to help a person stabilize themselves. They are highly recommended for outdoor use, as they do not have to be lifted at all and can be used to move faster and for longer lengths of time. They also typically come with a basket or bag where the user can keep their personal belongings.

When you’re ready to look for a walker that’s ideal for you, consult the staff at Metro Medical Homecare in Burnsville, MN. They offer a wide range of medical supplies and mobility equipment, from wheelchairs to power scooters. Contact them today at (952) 854-3603 to speak with a friendly staff member for more information about their full list of products and services.