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How Are Dental Bridges & Crowns Different? February 14, 2018

Lake Windsor, Windsor
How Are Dental Bridges & Crowns Different?, Windsor, Wisconsin

Whether cosmetic flaws are taking away from your smile or your teeth need some structural support, there are a variety of ways your dentist can set things right. Among these options, dental bridges and crowns remain some of the most versatile and popular ways to restore a smile. But while these prosthetic devices are often grouped together, Windsor Family Dental notes that they are actually quite different. To help you better understand these choices, this cosmetic dentist of Windsor, WI, provides a quick comparison.

Comparing Dental Bridges & Crowns

What Are Crowns?

bridges and crownsTypically produced from dental porcelain, crowns are prosthetic caps that are custom designed to cover an impaired tooth. During this treatment, your dentist will first remove a small portion of the affected tooth to make room for the prosthetic. After taking a mold, your specialist will fashion a crown that’s made match the shape and color of your natural teeth. In addition to cosmetic benefits, crowns are incredibly durable, can function as a normal tooth, and often last up to 15 years or longer.

When Should I Consider a Crown?

Crowns are primarily designed to protect an existing tooth that may be damaged, but is otherwise healthy. Often, these prosthetics are used to preserve the structure of a cracked or chipped tooth. If a root canal procedure leaves a significant amount of a tooth missing, dentists will usually use a crown to protect it. These solutions may also help correct cosmetic issues, such as misshapen teeth.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges build off the concept of the crown but are slightly more complex. Essentially, these prosthetic devices feature one or more artificial teeth, known as pontics that fill in the gap left behind by missing teeth. Pontics are connected to abutments, which are crowns that are faceted over surrounding teeth. Bridges come in a variety of configurations, but all generally follow this same standard design.

When Should I Consider a Bridge?

If you have one or more missing teeth that are side-by-side, bridges can comfortably and effectively preserve the look and feel of your smile. Since bridges involve placement of crowns, you might also consider this treatment if surrounding teeth are structurally compromised. If they are perfectly healthy, dental implants may be a better alternative.   

The best way to know if bridges and crowns could improve your oral health is to work with a trusted specialist—such as those at Windsor Family Dental. Located in Dane County, WI, these experienced, caring professionals utilize the latest tools to deliver comfortable, flawless results. Always putting the patient first, this clinic will take time to fully assess your options so that you can enjoy a reliable restoration. Visit their website to learn more about these comprehensive services. You can also call (608) 846-5407 to schedule an appointment at their office, which is a convenient distance from DeForest, Lodi, Madison, Poynette, and surrounding areas.

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