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Why Should You Consider Building a Metal Barn? June 8, 2018

Dothan, Houston
Why Should You Consider Building a Metal Barn?, Dothan, Alabama

Typically, a barn is used to house animals or store important farming equipment. As such, it pays to select a building material that keeps them safe and sound. While you’ll have many options to choose from, metal barns should be strongly considered, as they possess many positive qualities.

The Advantages of Building of a Metal Barn


Unlike other barn materials that require regular resealing, metal can go 30 years without needing a new coat of paint. You also won’t have to worry about replacing sections due to rot or infestations. If you are building a horse barn, metal is the smartest choice, as many animals like to chew on softer materials like wood.  


metal barn dothan alMetal barns are typically constructed by anchoring steel columns to a concrete pad or pier. This allows them to withstand severe weather patterns on a regular basis without suffering major damage. Since steel is naturally fire-resistant, you can feel confident that any animals or equipment housed within are safe from barn fires.

One of the few downsides of steel is that it may develop dings if hit by hail or a horse’s hoof. However, most of these barns come with a warranty that lasts up to 40 years, so you can quickly correct issues like these if they arise.


Although metal barns might be a bit more expensive to install than other materials, the material’s longevity and low-maintenance requirements make it one of the cheaper options in the long run. It’s also easier to expand upon and insure steel barns than other popular types, such as pole barns.


If you’ve decided that a metal barn will meet all of your needs, contact the building contractors at Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing in Dothan, AL. They provide high-quality custom metal buildings, including garages, awnings, and storage buildings. Call them today at (334) 685-0175 to learn more about their metal building options. You can also visit their website or Facebook page to see some of their past work.

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