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How to Properly Dispose of a Mattress February 9, 2018

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How to Properly Dispose of a Mattress, Lake Katrine, New York

Junk removal is always a hassle, but some items are easier to get rid of than others. You’ve probably seen mattresses illegally dumped alongside the curb, or left out in the middle of an alleyway, blocking traffic—it’s not exactly a proper disposal method. If you want to get rid of your mattress, here are a few ways to do so responsibly.

Sell or Donate 

If your mattress is only gently used, selling might still be an option. Look to online sites, such as Craigslist, and offer it at a cheap cost. You can also list it as free, so whoever’s interested could come pick it up. Who knows? Someone could have just moved and be in dire need of a mattress themselves. Feel free to donate to a local charity as well; as long as it’s in decent condition, someone will happily use it, so you’re doing a good deed while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Return It

junk removalThat’s right, if you’re working on attic cleanouts and want to get rid of that mattress on the floor, returning it just might be an option. If you decide to replace your old model, the retailer will gladly accept the return, and they’ll handle the recycling process themselves.

When the hassle of junk removal is out of your hands, you can rest easy on your new model. Don’t need a replacement? Ask the retailer if they’re still willing to accept and recycle your old mattress. If it’s in quality condition, there’s a good chance they’ll take it. 

Seek Out a Recycling Program

Sometimes, selling or donating isn’t always an option. Dump runs are another way to get rid of your mattress, so seek out local recycling programs that will dispose of it properly. All you have to do is show up, turn it in, and they’ll do all the work for you. Your local program might even be willing to come pick it up, so always ask questions—it could save you time and gas. 


When you want to get rid of a mattress, there are many ways to do so responsibly, leaving those days of curbside dumping behind. When you need junk removal assistance, turn to Lake Katrine, NY’s Bill's Junk Be Gone. No matter what you need to get rid of, these experts will handle it with ease. From attic cleanups to waste removal and dump runs, they truly do make junk disappear. Visit the website for more information about junk removal, or call (845) 389-2969 to request your free estimate today.

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