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5 Steps Involved in 1st Place Turf's Organic Lawn Care Program February 13, 2018

Harrisburg, Cabarrus
5 Steps Involved in 1st Place Turf's Organic Lawn Care Program, Harrisburg, North Carolina

Is your lawn looking a little dry? Winter is the ideal time to begin working on your yard to ensure it’s healthy when the warmer months roll around. From fertilization to maturation, it can take months until your lawn is where it needs to be. Professional lawn care maintenance ensures that it stays that way. Below, the expert landscaping professionals at 1st Place Turf in Harrisburg, NC, discuss their comprehensive organic lawn care program.

A Guide to the Organic Lawn Care Program

1. Winter Fertilization

Now is the time to lay down winter fertilizer plant life compost. This step will encourage root development for the next few months. Once spring rears its head, you can work on maintaining the color of the grass

2. Granular High Calcium

You’ve probably noticed bags of calcium lime on any landscaping project. The lime enhances the grass’s ability to absorb fertilizers while enhancing the vibrant and bold green colors that you see on professionally maintained lawns.

3. Apply Blended Fertilizer

Blended fertilizer deposits the minerals and nutrients your grass needs to maintain solid growth over the next few months. The spring months are the best time to hire a professional landscaping team to apply this fertilizer mix.

4. Remedy Brown Patches

lawn careHave you ever seen lawns with random brown patches? This is often the result of a hot and dry summer. The team at 1st Place Turf uses a special fungicide blend to help control the brown patches. 

5. Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

During the summer months, experts add Bio-pack plus sandfish emulsion fertilizer to lawns. The fertilizer contains iron, micronutrients, and a surfactant to increase absorbability.

With more than 25 years in business, the team at 1st Place Turf has a solid reputation in Cabarrus County as the go-to lawn care professionals. Their comprehensive lawn care program ensures that your lawn always appears healthy and well-maintained. Whether you need landscaping, ornamental tree care, mulch, leaf removal, or routine lawn care, the experts provide quality service. Visit their website or call (704) 454-7352 to sign up for the organic lawn care program.

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