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Why Beer Tours Are Important for Team Building February 13, 2018

Telluride, Boulder
Why Beer Tours Are Important for Team Building, Boulder, Colorado

Organizing an office trip is one way to instill a sense of unity and team building among employees. To that end, many companies book brewery tours to promote a great working relationship between staff members from different departments. Below are a few ways how visiting a brewery can be helpful to this cause.

How Beer Tours Promote Team Building

Shared Activity

The central idea behind team building efforts is to come up with activities your employees can enjoy equally. A brewery tour perfectly captures this concept by giving your workers an engaging exercise to participate in. You can get started on the fun right from the time your staff sets foot on the bus traveling around the premises. Play games, enjoy delicious beer, and share the food items you’ve brought to make the most of this excursion.

Bonding Among Departments

Brewery TourA day out at a beer manufacturing plant also gives you a chance to know people who work in a different department than yours. The casual atmosphere gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know them better and develop networking with them. In addition to building camaraderie, this is also the perfect opportunity to carve friendships outside the office.

Break From Work Schedule

Managing a hectic work routine can take its toll on workers in different departments and may cause friction among them. That’s why it’s important to organize such trips from time to time, so they can clear their heads and come back with the fresh mind. A relaxed environment will help them know their coworkers more closely and get over professional schisms that the daily grind of office work can cause.

Beer Tasting

Considering beer tasting will be part of the package, employers can count on gaining points among their subordinates. Taking your teams on a trip to enjoy such a relaxed activity is a way to let them see your appreciation for their endeavors and support for their emotional well-being.


A group tour with your employees shows that you have their backs. Lead the team building efforts by example and sign up for the exciting brewery tours Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours has to offer. This transportation business offers informative rides to historic sites and beer factories in Boulder and Denver, CO. Get the details on what’s included in their tours by calling (720) 938-8885 or visiting their website.

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