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What to Expect During an Annual Gynecologist Visit February 12, 2018

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What to Expect During an Annual Gynecologist Visit, Honolulu, Hawaii

As soon as women become sexually active, an annual OB-GYN visit becomes important to maintaining their overall health and well-being. Most women have their first gynecological exam by age 21, but many are uncertain of what to expect. The compassionate team at Gary T Kimoto MD in Honolulu, HI, believes in empowering women to make informed decisions regarding their health care and have created a guide on what to expect during your exam. 

What to Expect During Your OB-GYN Visit

1. General Health Check

After signing in at the office, you’ll undergo a general health check. This includes taking your height, weight, blood pressure, and a blood or urine test, depending on any personal concerns or your family health history. 

2. Physical Check

A nurse will escort you back to a private room where you’ll be asked to undress and put on a special gown that opens in the front. This will give the doctors the ability to examine you without fidgeting with clothing. The doctors will help you into a chair with stirrups as they ask you about any changes in your life or family health. This is the perfect time to address any questions or concerns you have about sexual health, menopause, birth control options, or family planning. The physical exam consists of three parts:

  • gynecologistPelvic Examination: This is an examination of your vulva and vaginal opening for any abnormalities or changes since your last exam.
  • Cervix Examination: This is an examination of your cervix, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The gynecologist will use a special device called a speculum to hold your vagina open.
  • Breast Examination: This is a short check for any lumps in your breasts. Your OB-GYN can also give you a demonstration on home self-checks and what to look for between annual visits.

3. Pap Smear

A pap smear is a simple, painless test for cervical cancer and other abnormal growths. The OB-GYN will swab the cervix, send the swab to a lab, and consult you about the results. Most women only need a pap smear every three years, but if you are an older woman or have ever tested positive for HPV, you need a pap smear every year.

4. STD Test

If you are sexually active with multiple partners, or if you have concerns, you may elect to take an STD test. It’s usually a simple blood draw or urine test. 

One major detail to remember when seeing a gynecologist is to never be embarrassed to ask intimate questions. The compassionate team at Gary T Kimoto MD have heard every question and concern about sexual health and family planning and want to help you feel confident about your health. To schedule an appointment with an OB-GYN, call (808) 946-5238, or visit the website to learn more about their personalized care plans. 

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