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What You Should Know About Back & Neck Pain February 9, 2018

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What You Should Know About Back & Neck Pain, Batavia, Ohio

Neck and back problems are a common issue that can involve serious consequences. For example, the American Chiropractic Association identifies back pain as a leading cause of disability and missed work in the United States. Fortunately, Teece Chiropractic reminds patients that a lot can be done to address these symptoms. Providing natural pain relief in Batavia, OH, this clinic sheds more light on back and neck pain.

5 Common Questions About Back & Neck Pain

How Do Problems Develop?

Chronic pain in the neck or back regions is typically linked to underlying muscle and joint problems. For example, spinal misalignment and herniated discs can place pressure on nerves that send pain signals. In other cases, sports, overuse, and auto accidents may cause trauma to an area, resulting in pain.   

neck painCan Symptoms Be Prevented?

Although some cases may be outside of a patient’s control, many can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes and greater awareness. For example, consuming certain nutrients can support joint and tissue health, while good posture can help keep the spine aligned. Safe exercise and gentle stretching can also strengthen muscles and improve flexibility to reduce symptoms and prevent injury.

When Should I Seek Professional Treatment?

While some minor cases can heal with rest, it’s important not to ignore symptoms that suggest a bigger problem. You should consult a medical professional if pain comes on suddenly, is severe, has lasted for weeks, or fails to improve. You should also schedule a full exam if you’ve had an auto accident, as some problems—such as whiplash—can take time to develop.

How Do Chiropractors Address Neck & Back Pain?

Most commonly, chiropractors will perform spinal adjustments to realign joints and promote healing action within the body. They may also use a combination of other noninvasive therapies, such as physical therapy, nutritional counseling, electrotherapy, massage, and acupuncture.

Why Is Chiropractic Care a Good Treatment Option?

As a natural, non-invasive form of medicine, chiropractic care is often considered safer and less debilitating than traditional surgery. Understanding every facet of the musculoskeletal system, these doctors can pinpoint and treat the underlying cause to promote long-term pain relief. By comparison, prescription drugs only mask symptoms temporarily and carry a high risk of dependency.  

When back and neck pain surface, Teece Chiropractic is here to help you regain your quality of life. Serving Batavia and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years, this family-owned clinic offers a wealth of experience to effectively treat problems and prevent them from reoccurring. These chiropractors also utilize the latest methods in the field to ensure patients receive the greatest level of comfort during their care. You can learn more about their pain relief services online or call (513) 732-2701 to schedule a consultation.

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