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3 People-Pleasing Tips for Comfortable Seating Arrangements February 9, 2018

Woods Bay-Rollins, Lake
3 People-Pleasing Tips for Comfortable Seating Arrangements, Woods Bay-Rollins, Montana

If you are hosting a wedding, corporate event or family party, and the seating arrangement of the guests’ is important to you, there are several details to take into account to ensure success. How can you plan the perfect seating arrangements? Below, Atanaha Event Center, located in Bigfork, MT, shares their expertise. After years of seeing successful events, they highlight considerations that will help you create the ultimate seating arrangement your event space

3 Tips for Creating Seating Arrangements in an Event Space

1.  Consider Relationships

As you dive into event planning, remember that the goal is for the guests to enjoy themselves. Even if you want to mix things up a little, make sure you seat each person near someone they know so they won’t feel uncomfortable. If they don’t know anyone else at the event, consider seating them near others with similar backgrounds or interests to jump-start conversation. 

Event Space2.  Group Complementary Personalities

Another way to ensure the engagement of the individuals at your event is to seat them with complementary personality types. As you collect the names of your event attendees, think about what you know about them.  Someone who is shy might appreciate being with someone a little more outgoing, while intellectuals might enjoy deep conversations together. 

3.  Accommodate Needs

Some of your guests may have special needs that you’ll need to consider. Those who are less mobile may benefit from being seated in an easily accessible area of your event space that is near bathrooms or other amenities. Families with young children may prefer to sit in the back so they can slip outside with misbehaving kids if needed. At noncorporate events, like wedding receptions, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries, be sure to seat family members near the guests of honor.

For more help organizing guests in an event space, there are some great resources to use. You can download seating arrangement software or ask your venue’s event planner for assistance. At Atanaha Event Center, you’ll find all the help you need. This gorgeous venue offers both indoor and outdoor facilities so you can host the event you’ve always dreamed of. Contact them today at (406) 837-2231 or visit their website to learn more.

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