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5 Best Wall Colors for Your Living Space April 3, 2018

Bedford Hills, Westchester
5 Best Wall Colors for Your Living Space, Bedford Hills, New York

If your old walls are starting to fade or make you depressed, you might be thinking about freshening them up with a brand new color. But with so many interior painting options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Should you go for a subtle pastel or a deeper hue? Should the finish be glossy or matte? If the choices seem overwhelming, you’re in good company: A lot of people don’t know how to decide. It’s worth putting thought into it though, as color can have such a profound effect on mood. To help you decide, here are five excellent color choices that promote feelings of well-being.

5 Best Wall Colors for Your Living Space

1. Warm Browns

Colors like light brown, burnt umber, or yellow-orange can make your space feel warmer. They’re particularly great color choices if you have a hardwood floor or fine wood furniture, as they’ll pull your color palette together.

2. Sea Green

The soothing color of sea green will help you relax after a long day out in the world. Some people also think it promotes amiability and goodwill between friends. If you have green upholstery, carpeting, or just like the idea of kicking back in a lush green interior, you’ll do well with bluish green hues.

3. White, Off-White & Beige

Does your furniture not have a particular color scheme? Or do you just not want to have much focus on your walls? It’s hard to go wrong with white, off-white, or beige with a matte finish for your interior painting project. These colors may even make your room feel more spacious.

4. Yellow & Cream

interior paintingIf you love natural light and want to feature it as much as possible in your home, consider choosing a happy yellow or cream color. Painters recommend considering a glossy finish if you’re painting a kitchen, as this is easier to wipe clean than matte. Yellows tend to reflect a lot of light, so they will brighten your space.

5. Dark Colors

Dark colors, especially purple, dark teal, and gray, can help cultivate a moody or romantic atmosphere. Since they absorb light, they’re smart choices—especially with a matte finish—if you want to avoid glare. They also work well if you have light furniture pieces, such as a white sofa or drapes.


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