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Going to a Trade Show? Vinyl Graphics Will Make Your Business Stand Out February 13, 2018

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Going to a Trade Show? Vinyl Graphics Will Make Your Business Stand Out, Columbia, Missouri

A trade show allows you to put your business in front of a large audience. The more people you attract, the higher chance you have of gaining new customers. That’s why it’s crucial to make your booth stand out. According to Columbia Sign Service of Boone County, MO, vinyl graphics are one of the best ways to catch the eye of passersby.

These eye-catching signs will make your business stand out at a trade show in a number of ways:

  • vinyl graphicsAttractive Colors: Adding more color to your area is one of the best ways to stand out. This is because colors are highly attractive to the subconscious. They are also capable of telling a story in an instant. For example, red is the most eye-catching of all shades—it speaks of passion and power. Green appears natural and healthy, while yellow is a bright, warm, and friendly color that will make others feel welcome. Utilize different tones to tell a story and attract attention.
  • Easy-to-Read Text: If you are using vinyl graphics with text, your business will be visible from a distance. You can put the name of your company in large lettering if your name is well-known and sought-after by the public. If it isn’t, write a single sentence explaining the benefit of your booth. This will make it easy for those in need to find your services.
  • Transportable: Large vinyl graphics can be incredibly useful for a stationary booth. On the other hand, smaller, hand-held pamphlets are just as helpful. Consider having brochures created with the help of a graphic design artist, and hand these out to interested passersby. This will keep your business in their mind and remind them of your services long after the trade show ends. Include only the most important information to keep the pamphlet brief and easy-to-read.

Utilizing vinyl graphics at your trade show is a rewarding investment. When you're ready, head over to Columbia Sign Service to plan your design. Their professionals specialize in custom fabrication, neon lighting, channel letters, and even LED lighting. With over 35 years of experience, they have the expertise to take your abstract ideas and create something amazing. For more information, visit their website or call (573) 474-8700 today.

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