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5 Power Tools to Ease Spring Cleaning February 13, 2018

Centereach, Brookhaven
5 Power Tools to Ease Spring Cleaning, Brookhaven, New York

As spring comes around, it is time to start working on your landscape. This usually includes one big cleanup project to get everything ready for planting and blooming. With the help of a few different tools, you can make this project quick, simple, and enjoyable. Use these power tools to make your spring cleanup a breeze.

The Best Tools for Your Landscape Spring Cleanup

Lawn Mower

The first mowing of the season improves the overall health of the lawn. To ensure each blade is cut evenly, invest in a high-quality lawn mower. Consider a self-propelled model as it lessens the physical strain of mowing, and it encourages a faster and safer job.

Leaf Blower

toolsOnce the snow melts, you may discover a layer of debris covering your yard, including fallen branches, pinecones, dead leaves, and the like. To prevent dead patches of grass or difficulties while mowing, clear it all away with a leaf blower. A rake can cause back pain after hours of use; a leaf blower, however, is fast and easy to use. Your yard will be spotless in no time.

Core Aerator

After the freezing temperatures of winter, your soil is likely compact and hard. Use a core aerator to loosen it up. This will soften up the dirt and poke holes in the ground. This allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the surface and feed the roots of your grass, which leads to healthier, stronger, and more beautiful greenery.

Lawn Edger

Even when your grass is cut short and your flower beds are blooming, your yard will still look incomplete if the edges are overgrown. A lawnmower alone is far too large to get in such hard-to-reach areas. Investing in an edger allows you to shape and trim near your fence, curb, driveway, and garden.

Pruning Tools

The very last piece of equipment you need for your exterior is a set of gardening and pruning tools. Whether trimming away dead tree limbs, shaping unruly bushes, or helping clear away weeds, these allow you to perfect every detail of your landscaping. Invest in hand-held clippers, hedge shears, and even a bow saw to ensure an immaculate yard. 


Investing in the right tools will help your lawn grow beautifully this spring. For professional help, call Centereach True Value Hardware. Located in Suffolk County, NY, they have been assisting homeowners for over 55 years. They offer a variety of power tools and hardware supplies required for your landscaping project. For more information, visit their website or call (631) 732-2220 today.

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