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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a Real Estate Listing February 9, 2018

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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a Real Estate Listing, Dalton, Georgia

When you are selling your home, you want the property to look its best and appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible. Taking care of the exterior and interior improves your likelihood of selling quickly for the price you want. There are a few simple steps to take to boost curb appeal. Here are five ways to prepare a home for its real estate listing.

How to Prepare for a Real Estate Listing

1. Exterior

Potential buyers will first see your outside area. Have your lawn cut and make sure the rest of the yard is free from weeds, dead flowers and plants, and debris. Consider power washing the house and other structures to remove dirt and mildew, and take care of gutters so there are no clogs or pools of water from a backed-up system.

2. Repairs

Walk around the house and repair every issue, big and small. Anything from loose doorknobs to a leaking roof should be fixed before the property is shown. Check windows for cracks, screens for holes, and walls for any dings and dents before the real estate listing is up.

3. Entry Way

real estate listingsGive your entry door a fresh coat of paint, choosing a color that is vibrant and inviting. Replace house numbers if they are in disrepair and add touches like a welcome mat or clean, comfortable porch furniture.

4. Neutral Space

Even though you may still live there, those interested in your property want to imagine their life in the house. Try to declutter the space, especially personal items like photos and trinkets. Organize closets and storage areas and remove excess, so they see the space easily. Make sure interior paint is neutral, so it is attractive to as many people as possible.

5. Odors

Bad odors are a turnoff. Keep your home as clean as possible. If you have pets, take the extra step of cleaning hair and using air neutralizers to mask pet odors. Hide litter boxes, so buyers don’t see them on their walkthrough. Besides air fresheners and scented diffusers, place fresh flowers throughout the house. Bake cookies to add an inviting aroma to your space.


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