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3 Tips for Selling a Home During the Winter February 9, 2018

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3 Tips for Selling a Home During the Winter, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

The process of selling a home can be complicated enough, but when you’re also selling out of prime season, it can become even more difficult. Winter is a notoriously slow time for the real estate industry, but the staff at RE/MAX Homes & Hills Realty in Black River Falls, WI, advise that you shouldn’t be deterred from selling. There are plenty of tactics you can use for a smooth sale with a positive return. If you’re considering selling a home in the winter, consider the advice below.

3 Tips for Winter Home Sales

1. Make It Welcoming

Open houses are rare in winter, especially in areas with heavy snowfall. Most buyers don’t look forward to going outside, and having an unwelcoming home can cause them to carry a bad mood throughout the tour. To combat winter moodiness, make your home inviting. Use lots of lighting to really emphasize features and spaces and keep the heat on so buyers are comfortable. You should also make entry easy, so make a safe walkway.

2. Advertise for Spring

selling a houseCurb appeal plays a major role in drawing buyers in. When winter rolls around, snow neutralizes any boost your landscaping would give you, which can negatively affect your online and print listings. If you know you’ll be selling a home in the winter, take pictures of your home in the summer so buyers can see what your landscaping and lawn look like in full bloom. This will let them know what they’re getting and also give them something to be excited about.

3. Clean & Inspect

It’s easy to put off cleaning during the colder months, but it needs to be done if you’re selling a home. Either on your own or through a maid service, give a top-down cleaning so that your home is spotless. You’ll also want to get a professional inspection to ensure piping, wiring, and other essential parts of your home are functioning properly. A clean presentation and paperwork to back the home’s value can be extremely valuable when negotiating or closing a deal.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a home, turn to the professionals at RE/MAX Homes & Hills Realty. They offer comprehensive real estate marketing services from start to finish and are committed to helping clients secure the best deal. Call (715) 284-0610 today to speak with their staff, and visit their website to read more about their services. Check out their Facebook page for updates and new property listings.

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