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How to Play Air Hockey Like a Professional February 27, 2018

Carle Place, North Hempstead
How to Play Air Hockey Like a Professional, North Hempstead, New York

If you love to visit your local arcade, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your skills. Though classic arcade games, such as air hockey, are fun to watch and play, they actually require a significant amount of skill. That’s why the experts at Q-ZAR, based in Carle Place, NY, love to offer tips and tricks to their customers. Here, they’ve shared a few ideas to help you improve your air hockey game.

The Basics of Classic Arcade Games: Play Air Hockey Like a Professional

1. Hold the Mallet & Strike the Puck

When playing offense, it’s important that you know how to hold your mallet and strike the puck. Rather than resting your entire hand on top of the mallet’s knob, grip it along the sides with at least two fingers. This allows for better wrist movement, decreasing your reflex time and improving your accuracy. When you strike the puck, always hit it straight in the direction you want it to go. Unlike swiping it from a sideways movement, hitting it straight allows you to transfer the most power.

2. Be Careful of Rebounds

classic arcade gamesEven if you strike your puck perfectly, there’s always a possibility that it will bounce off the back end of the table and ricochet into your goal. Avoid this frustration by keeping your focus and anticipating the possibility. As soon as you take a shot, move back into your usual defensive position to ensure you’re always prepared to prevent such a problem.

3. Avoid Double Banking

Many new players commonly believe that double banking is a great way to make a shot. However, you should avoid letting the puck bounce off more than one wall before going into your opponent’s goal. This is because each bounce causes it to slow down. With less speed, your opponent is more likely to defend against the shot.

Practice your skills at air hockey and other classic arcade games at Q-ZAR. With one of New York City’s largest collection of games – as well as a premier laser tag arena – this facility promises a great time for children and adults. Committed to providing a fun and safe atmosphere, they even offer daily specials, group rates, and a number of birthday packages. For more information about their services, reach out to them today by calling (516) 877-7200. Or, visit their website to learn more about their classic arcade games.