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5 Reasons a Vacation Rental Is the Way to Go February 8, 2018

Orange Beach, Baldwin
5 Reasons a Vacation Rental Is the Way to Go, Orange Beach, Alabama

When you want to plan a getaway, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is where you’ll stay. Some people think booking a hotel room is the only option available, but in reality, opting for a vacation rental will provide you and your group with a number of advantages. To better understand why these accommodations are so widely regarded, consider some of the benefits listed below.

5 Advantages Vacation Rentals Have Over Hotel Rooms

1. Space

When you book a hotel room, you get just that: one room. Vacation homes, on the other hand, offer a full property to enjoy as you please. With bedrooms, a living space, and dining areas available, you can comfortably accommodate multiple family members and friends.

2. Privacy

Staying in a hotel means traveling through the lobby, riding elevators with strangers, and using other public areas. If you prefer to minimize your interaction with other travelers as you come and go, a vacation home is a better choice. 

vacation rental3. Scheduling

Renting a vacation home gives you more control over your personal time.You can sleep late without interfering with the housekeeping staff’s schedule, or you can enjoy your favorite breakfast foods for dinner. When you stay in a hotel, you have to accommodate their schedule for cleaning, food service, and other amenities. 

4. Comfort

Condo rentals and vacation homes give you the comforts of a normal abode. For example, most kitchens come with full sets of appliances, and bed sheets and extra towels are often included. 

5. Pets

Some vacation rentals allow pets, and they often boast plenty of room for your furry friend to roam. Conversely, hotels that do allow dogs or cats often charge extra, and they require you to keep the animal on a leash or in a cage in public areas at all times.


When you want a tropical getaway, Sugar Sands Realty & Management in Orange Beach, AL, will help you find the perfect vacation rental. With a bountiful selection of properties to choose from and a team dedicated to meeting your goals, they make it easy to locate the beach home or condo rental that’s right for you. Start your search now by visiting their website, and give them a call at (251) 974-1672 to discuss your needs with an experienced team member today.

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