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3 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home Décor February 9, 2018

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3 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home Décor, Roslyn, Washington

You don’t have to be an interior design expert to refresh your home décor. If you’re thinking about giving your abode a little makeover, it’s easy to do so with a couple of quick changes. At Fused, the leading art gallery and source for handmade gifts in Roslyn, WA, you’ll be instantly inspired by the incredible glasswork on display. The shop’s art-loving staff shares three tips to make the most of your indoor space.

Art Gallery’s Top Ways to Update Home Décor

1. Replace the Lighting

Adding new lighting doesn’t have to be an involved project with wiring and complicated directions. It’s easy enough to replace an existing light fixture with something that changes the entire tenor of the room. For example, you might have an old-world chandelier hanging in the entryway. Why not swap it for a modern cube light that gives your foyer an entirely new look? Different styles transform the entire ambiance.

2. Add Some Artwork

Roslyn, WA art galleryDon’t be surprised if your mind buzzes with possibilities the next time you walk through your favorite art gallery. It’s difficult to ignore the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by incredible workmanship, vibrant colors, and handmade glass objects. You might create an “art wall” at home and feature some favorite designs in the living room. Add a single glass decoration to the entryway or the mantle or suspend a framed piece above your bed.

3. Play With Color

Look at your use of color. If the room is strictly monochromatic, instantly shake it up by adding a pop of color. A black and white room, for example, looks livelier when you place a couple of jewel-toned throw pillows on the couch. Think about the mood you’re trying to convey. If it’s light and airy, stick with cool blues and greens. If you’re more about dreamy, ethereal shades, consider light pinks, ivories, and lilacs.

The team at Fused knows how exciting it is to take the plunge and give your home a revamp. Whether you’re adding an artisanal piece of handmade glass or updating with new furnishings or bolder accent pieces, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make a change. Visit the art gallery’s website to learn more about their unique decorations and ornaments, or call (253) 653-4768.