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3 Outstanding Ways STEM Learning for Girls Can Spur Economic Growth February 8, 2018

Woods Corner, Burlington
3 Outstanding Ways STEM Learning for Girls Can Spur Economic Growth, Burlington, Massachusetts

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning curriculum has been traditionally dominated by males. In fact, just 16 percent of female graduates hold a degree in a STEM subject, compared to 30 percent for males. By encouraging women to participate in these fields, economic growth can be witnessed worldwide. 

3 Ways Giving Girls Access to a STEM Learning Curriculum Drives Economic Growth

1. Tap Into Their Talents

STEM learningWith a significantly low rate of women participating in STEM education programs, the U.S. is missing out on a huge opportunity to take advantage of the talents of a significant portion of the population. Women have skills and talents to contribute to these industries, but lack of female role models and peers in these fields might be discouraging to students. By giving female students more access to STEM school programs, it might make them more inclined to participate in these fields, ultimately choosing careers that allow them to contribute their talents.

2. Support Demand for Computer Scientists

By 2025, there will be a significant spike in the demand for computer scientist and data analyst jobs, but the supply will be limited if we don’t start educating girls in STEM fields now. With so few women studying STEM subjects, there is no way men alone can fill these demands. However, if more females do begin to pursue educations in technology and related fields, the supply can be met, thereby supporting high-growth industries which will, in turn, boost the economy.

3. Drive Women’s Cumulative Earnings

If more women begin to participate in STEM careers, their share in computing could increase from 24 percent to 39 percent in the next seven years. According to Accenture, this would also bring their cumulative earnings to $299 billion. Of course, the benefits aren’t realized by women alone; this growth is advantageous for the population as a whole, as it creates more job prospects and supports a thriving economy.


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