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Why Pennsylvania Residents Should Switch to Solar Power February 19, 2018

Pennsbury, Chester
Why Pennsylvania Residents Should Switch to Solar Power, Pennsbury, Pennsylvania

As the birthplace of the oil industry, Pennsylvania is seeing a major shift in its energy sources. A bill is being considered that will help the state move toward all-clean energy by 2050. Not only will sustainable options like solar power help create new jobs, but it will also reduce greenhouse gases, monthly utility costs, and pollution.

3 Reasons to Choose Solar Power

1. Save Money

As the cost of coal, natural gas and other sources of fuel rises, many homeowners are switching to solar power to avoid the increasing price of electricity. While solar energy is a significant initial investment, most homeowners see a return within 10 years as they don’t pay for electricity each month.

2. Improve the Environment

solar powerSolar panels use clean energy from the sun to power your home instead of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, which are the traditional sources of electricity. By utilizing a renewable resource like the sun, you can avoid contributing to greenhouse gases that worsen air pollution and climate change.

Going solar also reduces water pollution and limits contaminants that enter local water supplies. According to the EPA, 72% of all water pollution in the country comes from coal-fired power plants. Unfortunately, four out of five of these plants have no limits on the amount of toxins they can dump in the water. 

3. Receive Financial Assistance

Across the nation, governments are incentivizing clean energy, and Pennsylvania has the nation’s 5th best solar rebate program. System owners are eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which amounts to 30% of your solar panel costs. To apply, you must fill out IRS Form 5965, with validates your qualifications for renewable energy credits. Include the final result of that form on your typical Form 1040 when filing taxes.

Residents should also look into Pennsylvania’s High-Performance Buildings Program to save on costs associated with solar panel design and construction. This program offers grants and low-interest loans for individuals and small businesses, which makes solar power a possibility for all.


If you are interested in switching to solar power, speak with the experts at TerraSol Energies in Chadds Ford, PA. They have provided commercial and residential solar panel systems throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania since 2009. Learn more about how you can start saving money and reduce harmful emissions by visiting their website. If you have any questions, call (888) 873-9995 to speak to a member of the team.